Privacy Policy

Last update: 10 May 2017

This Privacy Policy describes how the Fraksl android app uses your information.

Depending on the features you use use within the Fraksl app, Fraksl will access one or multiple of the following sources of personal data: the device's storage memory, the device's camera(s) and the device's microphone.

Device storage. Fraksl only uses the device's storage memory to save user created images or videos on behalf of the user when requested by pressing the "image export", "video recording" or "share" button within the app.

Device camera(s). The device's camera(s) are only accessed when the user enables the camera feature within the app's effects menu. No camera imagery is collected or is stored without specific user action.

Device microphone. The device's microphone is exclusively accessed during video recording using the build-in screen recording feature and audio recordings are solely stored as part of the video files generated by this feature.

Share feature. We are not responsible for unwanted data collection by third parties when using the "Share" option within the Fraksl app.