Fraksl Help

Last update: 22 May 2017


Drag with one finger over the screen to move the view. Rotate with two fingers to rotate the view. Pinch in or out with two fingers to zoom. Swipe in from the left of the screen to open and close the menu, or tap the menu button in the upper left corner.

Left Menu Buttons

Tap the share button to make a screenshot of the current view and share it through your favorite messaging app. If the person you are sharing with has Fraksl installed, the app will open and move to the shared view after opening the attached link.

Image (pro)
Exports a high-quality screenshot of the current view to your device's gallery without any images overlaid on top. Resolution is dependent on the resolution setting in the settings menu. Tip: Higher the resolution before exporting to create high resolution images up to 70 megapixels (if supported by device model).

Camera (pro)
Enables or disables the camera effect.

Resets the view to its start position.

Save bar

Tap the save icon to save the current view on the save bar. Scroll through the save bar to preview previously saved views and select one to restore it. To delete a view, tap the trash bin and then select the view to be deleted.

Effects Menu

Select one of the filters to change the colors of your fraksl. Tap on a selected filter again to open the filter specific settings. Tip: If you run Fraksl on a less powerful device, try using the less demanding Classic filter for smoother playback.

Select one of the mirrors to change the pattern of the fraksl.

Motion Smoothing
Smoothens out flickering patterns and slows down fast movements.

Camera (pro)
Use the device's camera to interact with Fraksl. Use the intensity slider to change the amount of camera interference.

Settings Menu

Set the resolution at which Fraksl renders the view. Lowering the resolution is recommended on older devices to ensure smooth playback. Higher resolutions may cause the device to become unstable.

Sets the speed at which the view responds to touch inputs. Lower the sensitivity for finer control or set it higher to create faster movements.